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In this video, learn how to plan, organize, schedule and get reports about your SMS mailings, with Odoo SMS Marketing app.



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use odoo sms marketing for a high expand rate (more than e-mail) and expand your market, install sms marketing app

go to sms marketing application and create a new sms, add a subject, chose mailing list or specific contacts based on filters or rules

add some content, get more information about sms service

go to settings tab, set responsible and include opt out link

send sms in a queue, right now, by scheduled date or just to test recipients (one or several numbers)

go to contact list, mass mailing list only with valid phone number (newsletter e-mail mass mailing list only with valid e-mail address)

go to reporting, sendt, opened, bounced, more filter in pivot table

go back to sms dashboard with different stages (draft, in queue, sending)