Measuring Project Profitability

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In this video, learn how to measure your project profitability in Odoo.


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00:00:00measuring project profitability based on services, sold per hour and timesheet entries on project tasks

28 go back to sales order, click on task, sign task to employee, check planned time on task, make some timesheet entries, compair planned hours with realized hours

go to odoo dashboard, sales, configuration, settings, unit of measures

create a new product, set typ service, can be sold (not purchased), unit of measure is hours, create task in an existing project, add to an existing project, choose project, save

go to sales, create a quotation, enter this product, save, check project, confirm to sales order, check task on sales order

go to project overview, check what is invoiced, what needs to be invoiced, timesheet costs

go to employees app, add timesheet costs under hr settings

go back to sales order and access to the project, check timesheet costs, click on profitability, create invoice directly from project overview, regular invoice, check draft invoice: all related timesheet entries, all informations on timeseet entries (hours, description)

go back to sales order, access invoice also from here