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Veröffentlicht am 16.08.2019

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In this video, learn how to analyze costs and revenue for any use case with analytic accounting.


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analize your transactions with odoo analytic accounts and analytic tags

accounting dashboard, configuration, settings, activate analytic accounts, create analytic account group and analytic account, create and validate a vendor bill

go to accounting, analytic items, group by analytic accounts, check entries

go to analytic reports, use filters and grouping functions, check entries and balance

go to reporting, profit and loss, filter by analytic account (and analytic tag) and check all entries for a specific analytic account

create an analytic tag, activate analytic distribution, add some analytic accounts, create a vendor bill, add analytic tag to purchase orderline, confirm

go to accounting, analytic items, check entries on two different analytic accounts

create new project, create a task and add time on timesheets, odoo creates an analytic account on the project automatically