Geschäftsmodell: Veranstaltungen und Marketing

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Geschäftsmodell: Veranstaltungen und Marketing ag, Armend Ponik
St.Gallen, 26. Oktober 2015
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Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Anfrage betreffend Projekt Gossau. Gerne bestätige ich Ihnen den Auftrag SO205 mit dem PDF in der Anlage. Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen und auf die Umsetzung dieses interessanten Projektes.
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In this video, learn how Odoo's integration allows you to easily manage events from creation to feedback. You will also learn how to manage your online communication channels, and how to automatically turn attendees into leads! Leads that come from your events are valuable because they are prospects with an existing interest in the brand/product.


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business flow events and marketing, overview applications and processes

create and edit an event

edit logistics. date, timezone, organizer, manage tracks and speakers, sponsors, rooms

create a new room, add capacity, audience, maximum capacity, publish room to website as a virtual room

back to event module, communication tab, add confirmation e-mail for attendies who registred to event, and sms reminder

questions tab, add some questions bsed by text or selection

turn all attendies into leads, rule name for lead generation, configure lead generation process, set dependencies, sales team

advertise the event by social media,

open link to register page, register to event, save ticket

process payment, get order confirmation

register for free ticket as well, add date to outlook calendar

jump back to enents app, check out attendies, typ of ticket, confirn registration, creates a lead, check leads directly with smart button from events, leads have answers stored in internal notes

use odoo‘s survey application, ask attendies for their feedback, create a new survey, add some questions and answers

start survey, send per mail, copy url and send only to attendies

jump to email application, create new email, add attendies (leads) to mail list

choose campaign from the settings page

what is the configuration needed for this whole flow?

Geschäftsmodell: Veranstaltungen und Marketing ag, Armend Ponik 5. Mai 2022
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