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Fähigkeiten und Lebensläufe verwalten
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Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Anfrage betreffend Projekt Gossau. Gerne bestätige ich Ihnen den Auftrag SO205 mit dem PDF in der Anlage. Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen und auf die Umsetzung dieses interessanten Projektes.
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we've recruited new people and have learned how to conduct their appraisals it's time to have a deeper look at their professional profiles

our employees have various skills one person give you the Michael Jordan of marketing while the other is a Usain Bolt of JavaScript but it's impossible to remember who is best

at what even for a human replicant thanks to the skills and resume feature we can gather all the information in the employee forms and have quick access

thanks to the search feature finding the right person with the right skill set becomes easy by adding this info to our database we won't lose time looking for the one person who speaks French in the office or the one who's an expert in SEO

the employee app makes the job fast and easy so let's see how we can set this up and stuff through its database alright

skills management option -- here I am on my database specifically looking at the employee's application from here we're gonna go to configuration settings and from the settings page we want to be sure we have this skills management option activated

employees profiles -- which will be the top one here I've already saved this but if you need to go ahead and do that now so let's see how we can actually enrich our employees profiles with this feature so we're gonna go back to our dashboard and create a new employee

so I'm going to click on create alright I'm going to add my new employee here Eric and the job position okay I'm also going to go to the HR tab and add an appraisal reviewer because this is a mandatory field and I know it's mandatory because the line is involved

all right then we can save this once it's saved we can pop over to the resume tab and here I already see some experience from Eric experience where well of course with stealthy wood as a consultant

add some more experien -- so that's already added but let's go ahead and add some more experience for Eric so I'm going to click on edit and then add ok so here I'm going to say internship in Emily's yeah and then I'm gonna say that the type is experience I can choose other types and the display type will be classic

however I can also specify a certification or course here as well okay let's say that this started in December 2019 and ended January 2020 and save it close now we see that additional bit of experience is automatically added

and now let's add his education as well so I'm gonna change the type I'm gonna add education here and then I'll say McGill University all right let's say he started in 2012 and he finished school in 2000 and let's say 16 all right and then we're gonna save and close

now since I added this as a different types his education was a different type to add to the resume it has a different section as well so you can keep things nicely organized all

right so you have that type right here and you can create new types by clicking on create and edit right here on the fly so this is good for his experience in education but he's also a very skillful employee because of course we won't hire anyone who doesn't have many skills

skill and skill level -- so let's go ahead and create some new entries here as well under the skills section so first of all we have our skill type then the specific skill and the skill level so I've already created a few skill types including languages music marketing business

create skill type -- I can create a new one simply by clicking on create and edit so this is where you add the name so just languages the specific skills so in the case of languages the different languages and the levels as well okay

so let me go ahead and show you what this looks like alright I have all the languages and the levels okay even have the progress on the right and then we can save this and I'll go ahead and add a language so we'll say French a skill level c2

if I want to add a new language to this I can either open up the skill type and add one here or I can create a new skill by typing it here on the fly so we could say Turkish for example and then I can click on create

but let's go ahead and stick with French at the c2 level and then we're going to click on save and new this way we don't always have to click on the Add button will go to languages English let's say c1 okay

we're also gonna go to languages Spanish and we'll say a two okay now my my user Eric he knows more than just some languages he also has other skills such as skills and business

so let's pop this open as well again I have my skills so here I've added finance negotiation and communication and I also have my levels so I've advanced intermediate and beginner

add a level -- but let's also add another level let's put a superior okay and then we can add the progress and percentage so if you're superior you'll probably have a down pat so we're gonna say 100% and save and close and we're gonna see that here and then save

so let's go ahead and give him some of these skills as well so for Finance he's advanced let's say negotiation advanced as well but for communication he's superior and then finally we're gonna save and close

and we have those skills on the rights that's really nice and we even have the progress and what's cool is that of course someone can always improve in an area so you can come back here and edit

so let's mat it imagine he took some more Spanish classes and now he's speaking on a b2 level we can always come back here click on b2 save and close so we can see what skills he has and where he's at with that with those skills so that's really cool

this is a nice overview that we have on the employee form but what's really cool is we can also search for skills as well when we're looking at all of our employees so let's save this

and let's go back to our employee dashboard so for example if I have a customer who's speaking French I might want to look for one of my employees who's French speaking alright so I'm gonna put French here and I'm gonna search this through the skills

and then I'm gonna get all of my employees who are speaking French and then I can choose from these employees including Eric the newbie ok but I can also search through the resume as well

so I know one of my customers went to McGill University and I think one of my employees also went there so it would be nice to know who that was in order to create a connection with the possible customer

so I'm gonna put a McGill University here I'm gonna search through our resumes and I see it was Eric who went to that University so I can ask him about that

so that's just a really cool feature to take advantage of and it's really nice to keep track of our employees resumes and skills and how they're growing

Fähigkeiten und Lebensläufe verwalten
giordano.ch ag, Armend Ponik 4. Mai 2022
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